Established in 1961 by Dr. Andrew Palermo Sr., the Palermo name has earned the reputation of delivering the highest level of dental care for over 55 years.

A little about us

From the moment you walk into our office, one of the most important things to us is providing you with an absolute feeling of well being, as well as superior dental health care. Whether it’s our friendly staff, updated operatories, state of the art equipment, or the soothing smell of essential oils in the air, we aim to provide an all encompassing experience that leaves you feeling at ease with your treatment and care. We understand many people dread a visit to the dentist, but we strive to change the hesitation that typically surrounds dental appointments. Established in 1961 by Dr. Andrew Palermo Sr., the Palermo name has earned the reputation of delivering the highest level of dental care for over 55 years. We are not a large, cold clinic where patients come and go like an assembly line.

We keep the practice intimate to give each patient the relaxed one-on-one care they deserve. Each operatory has TVs to entertain or distract the patient during exams or procedures, and if that fails there is always the nitrous oxide  (laughing gas) and Dr. Palermo’s sense of humor to get you through!  We are a true full-service family practice and are honored to have taken care of generations of families ranging from 4 years old and up. Dr. Palermo is widely known for his absolute honesty and straightforwardness when it comes to your oral care and is so trusted among patients that many families continue seeing him even after they move away from the area. As a result of his reputation for honesty and perfection, our practice has been able to grow and stay strong just with referrals and recommendations only.

Dr. Andrew Palermo DDS

  • Vanessa

    Dr. Palermo is a true professional. I got my veneers and I couldn't be happier with how they look.

  • John

    "I've been going to this office for 10 years now. It's a family place."

  • Debbie Genin

    My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Palermo for years and could not be happier. We've been to several dentists and he is the most thorough and knowledgeable professional that we have ever been to! The hygienist and office staff are all friendly and wonderful and Dr. Palermo is honest, punctual and makes you feel comfortable and at home. Highly recommend!!

    Debbie Genin
  • Terrence Revere Jr.

    Andrew Palermo is a gentleman and a scholar. He runs his office as professionally as humanly possible. I have and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fair, honest and reliable dentist. Simply the best.

    Terrence Revere Jr.
  • Donna Bocchino

    To all my facebook family and friends, Im so excited that I  have to brag a little,  due to new technology,  I just had 12 porcelain teeth put in without any impressions at all,   Thank you to Dr Andrew Palermo ,  who recently purchased the TRIOS HD Intraoral Scanner,  all Dr Andrew Palermo had to do is use  a gentle in the mouth camera /wand about the size of an electric  toothbrush and scans your mouth , you actually watch 3D pictures of your scan on the screen and the cost is the same as if you were getting impressions, its fast with fewer appointments, painless, comfortable and accurate,  I loved the entire experience, ..Love the Trios Scanner !!! Thank you Dr Palermo   for all you did to make this huge treatment plan an easy and a  successful one.

    Donna Bocchino
  • Ann Darcy

    Cleanliness and comfort are two of the most outstanding features of Dr. Palermo's exceptionally well run office. Dr. Palermo has an artist's aesthetic for color, balance and proportion and will make sure your teeth not only remain safely attached to your maxilla and mandible but look natural while doing so. Every possible effort is made to make sure the patient is comfortable via topicals, injections or my personal favorite, nitrous oxide. Financial matters are handled appropriately and there are no hidden fees or surprises. Dr. Palermo's office also has a wide variety of recent magazines, and nothing boring like "Golf Digest." I've been to many dentists and IMO Dr. Palermo is the best!

    Ann Darcy
  • Elly DeMartino

    I have been coming to Dr Andrew Palermo for 16 years and have been very happy with his services. He is at the forefront of technology, technique and a holistic view of the impact teeth/mouth have on overall health. I trust his judgements and am very comfortable in leaving my oral health care in his hands!!!!

    Elly DeMartino
  • Alexandra Sagan

    Thank you so much, Dr. Palermo, for making my dental visit "special". I did not know it could be like that: beautiful, friendly office and state of the art care, but mostly I was truly touched by your genuine eagerness to help me look and feel better. I felt loved ❤️ and so encouraged, just when I needed it most! It feels good to have your dental health entrusted to a person with honesty, integrity, youthful drive for perfection and widespread respect.

    Alexandra Sagan
    Alexandra Sagan
  • Andrew G.
    Very happy with my dental care at Dr Palermo’s. His staff is always acknowledging me and keeping a nice level of interaction to lighten the mood. I never have to wait and they are very efficient so you are always in and out. I drive 45mins from Nassau county because I believe in his work. I feel it’s necessary for everyone to know that you are definitely coming to the right place.

    Andrew G.
  • Kenny Kadar

    I moved to Long Island and finding a dentist (or any doctor for that matter) that you can trust can be a nightmare. Dr. Palermo and his staff were a God send, and I've been a loyal patient ever sense. Top notch work, great hands and never rushed. Dr. Palermo has been wonderful with myself and my kids - no fear going to the dentist. Imagine that !
    Kenny Kadar
  • Marie James
    Like his Dad before him, Dr. Andrew 3rd is polite, knowledgeable, honest & ethical. I have been their patient since 1973 (wow! 44 years, 2 generations of dental attention!) and I must say that I would never ever entertain going anywhere else. From crowns to fillings to exams to referrals, Dr P. is *spot on* and creates a calmness and a comfort zone for his patients. Not to mention his very entertaining chair side stories will make you giggle! Thanks to the Ladies too!!

    Marie James
  • Jacquelyn M.
    Dr. Andrew Palermo Jr. and his staff are one of a kind. It is family owned, and I began going to Dr. Palermo Sr. as a child. Words cannot express the genuine care I have received over the last 30 years. I have not only been a patient there, but when I go to the office it feels like family. Dr. Palermo senior was an exceptional man and dentist which he has passed onto his son. Dr. Palermo Jr., has not only meet his fathers expectations but has exceeded anything you could could hope for in a Dr. Over the years he has treated my entire family with honesty, professional, and unprecedented quality care. Recently, my daughter now has needed his expertise. She slipped and cracked both her two front permanent teeth! As a mother the heartbreak was overwhelming. I immediately called Dr. Palermo, within 15 minutes he opened his office and called his staff. I was in route, thinking thank goodness, this is going to be okay. Although, my heart was upset, Dr. Palermo and his Assistant Christine, where there to address any concerns and corrected my daughters teeth. It was truly amazing! MY FAMILY AND I ARE LUCKY TO HAVE A GREAT DENTIST FAMILY IN OUR LIVES!
    Jacquelyn M.